Frequently Asked Questions

We get questions every day from people who are interested in Motor Club of America (MCA), so we totally understand that you may have a few questions too. Below is a list of the questions that we’ve received and the answers to them. We are confident that reviewing this information will help you decide if MCA is right for you!

Questions About The Company

What is MCA?
MCA is short for Motor Club of America. Motor Club of America Enterprises, Inc. is a trusted company that provides motor club products and services to drivers and non-drivers in the United States and Canada. When members join MCA they have access to many benefits. Some of the products and services our members enjoy are Emergency Road Side Assistance, Travel Planning Assistance, Uninterrupted Travel Assistance and Discounts on Vision, Prescriptions and Dental.

What is TVC Matrix?
TVC Marketing Associates, Inc. also known as TVC Matrix, is the marketing arm for Motor Club of America. All associates are independent contractors with the opportunity to refer other members and earn advance commissions. As you build your own Sales Organization, TVC handles the logistics.

How long has the company been around?
MCA is a well established and profitable Company with millions of members and counting. Since our inception in 1926, we have been providing our members with the finest products and services available in the motor club industry, specifically to truckers only. However as of October 2011 with the help of TVC Marketing Associates, Inc. (originally known as ‘Truckers Voice in Court’), Motor Club of America’s Protection Plan has been redesigned and custom tailored to also work with regular automobile operators and their automobile insurance; filling in the voids to provide all members with complete motoring protection.

Where is the company located?
TVC Marketing Associates, Inc. is located at 3200 W. Wilshire Blvd Oklahoma City, OK 73116-3016.

Is there an official website for MCA?
No. Motor Club of America does not have an “Official Site”. Since 1926 all of their marketing efforts have been offline servicing truckers only. But since the launch of the Total Security Memberships for regular drivers, several associates (agents) have created their own information sites about MCA.

Why don’t they have commercials on television and billboards advertising the service?
MCA does not use any form of media advertising. Instead, they launched the referral rewards program to pay their members to promote the services and bring customers to them. Word-of-mouth promotion is becoming extremely popular with large companies.

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Questions About The Benefits

Is the Total Security Motor Club membership an insurance policy?
Motor Club of America is not insurance, it is protection that works in ‘addition to’ not in lieu of your current automobile insurance, meaning benefits are paid out directly to you, the member.

How is MCA’s plans different from other roadside assistance services?
Although we provide incredible roadside assistance benefits, our life assurance benefits in all our plans are superb and affordable. There’s simply nothing that gives you more security than knowing you have emergency coverage in a variety of situations – from vehicle breakdown to emergency medical care.

I am already a member of another motor club, why should I join MCA?
Ask yourself a couple of questions. Does your motor club directly send you a check when you are treated at an emergency room, trauma center, or have to spend time in the hospital for injuries you received in a motor vehicle accident? Does your motor club pay you to refer other members to them? Well MCA does, and our mission is to meet the needs of our members first! Our members needs are priority which is the primary reason that our company provides its members a range of products and services, including paying them directly for emergency room visits and hospitalization as well as paying a commission for every new member referred to them.

How much does it cost to join MCA?
MCA offers affordable benefit plans that are designed to meet the unique needs of our members. Our most popular package is the Total Security Motor Club membership for just $19.95 per month.

What is MCA Emergency Assistance?
When you become an MCA member, you are protected whether you are at home or away from home. If you have a flat tire, need towing service, run out of gas, or your vehicle becomes disabled, including due to a car accident, you can contact one of our Customer Service Representatives, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year at the toll-free telephone number you are provided in your membership package. In most cases, the cost of these services are covered by your monthly fee.

Does an MCA membership replace my existing auto, health or life insurance?
No. Our memberships are meant to compliment your existing insurance. We recommend that you do not get rid of the other coverage(s) that you have. By purchasing an MCA motor club membership, you are simply taking that coverage farther.

Why should I purchase an MCA Motor Club Membership?
Anyone who is interested in more complete coverage stands to benefit from an MCA Motor Club Membership. Traditional auto, health or life insurance can have gaps or holes that could leave you without coverage in certain situations. In some cases, you might even be limited in the amount or type of coverage you can receive. A Motor Club of America membership can help fill in those gaps while adding in a little extra, giving you complete coverage in just about any situation!

How are the MCA service plans different from other roadside assistance services?
Many of our services are similar to other well-known motor clubs. However, after carefully comparing Motor Club of America to several other motor clubs, we found that our services tend to offer a wider variety and more complete coverage.

What types of vehicles does Motor Club of America Cover?
Motor Club of America covers more vehicle types than most other motor clubs! Our most popular membership option covers cars, standard trucks, SUV’s, motorcycles, RV’s, boat and livestock trailers. We even cover dually pickups over 1 Ton and even 18-wheeled vehicles!

Does the MCA Motor Club membership cover all of my vehicles or just one?
Absolutely! Because the motor club membership covers YOU, it can be used with any vehicle that YOU are operating. You’ll just need to have your MCA membership card with you, so we suggest keeping it on your key chain, in your wallet or in your glove compartment with your other insurance information.

Can I get service anywhere in the country?
As long as you live, work or travel in the United States or Canada, you can become a member. We have options designed to help you at home, work, play and even while you’re on vacation! Just be sure you have your MCA membership card with you so you can access your services without hassle.

Motor Club of America memberships seem more expensive than other motor clubs. Why?
We’ve conducted a comparison of Motor Club of America to other well-known motor clubs and in many cases our memberships were a bit more expensive. However, in all of those cases we found that our customers receive a wider variety of coverage in more vehicles and more situations. So even though you might be paying a little more, you are also getting a LOT more!

When Am I Covered?
Coverage is effective immediately. As soon as you complete your purchase, your total security membership coverage begins. You will receive your membership card, discount summary and car decal in the mail within 7 to 10 business days.

How do I get roadside assistance?
Simply call our toll-free roadside assistance number and describe your situation, including the vehicle’s problem, so we can send appropriate help to assist you.

How long will it take for MCA Roadside Assistance dispatch to arrive?
We average between 45 – 60 minutes travel time. However, a service representative will be able to give you a more accurate time when you call for service. Because we work with auto services providers around the country, you’ll be able to receive help wherever you are.

Arrival time depends on the auto services provider that is dispatched to you, the distance they are from your location and their ability to find you. So when you call in, be sure to give a complete and accurate description of your location and vehicle to make it easier for an auto services provider to find you. Also, be sure to keep your mobile phone handy in case they need to reach you.

If my vehicle breaks down, how long will it take before I can get help?
Members can have peace of mind during the time of an emergency. If your vehicle breaks down during your time of travel to and from work, school, home or vacation, you can call the toll-free customer number you are provided when you join as a member.

Our company has Customer Service Representatives available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year who are able to help you get the assistance you need and to get you back on the road in a short period of time. Under our sign-and-tow service program, our company has contracted with tow companies in your area and who will arrive to you shortly, or you can tell us who your preferred tow provider is and we will contact them on your behalf.

Does a plan cover multiple cars?
Yes, as long as the card holder is present. We dispatch the best professional roadside service available to ensure quick service.

How long does it take to activate my membership?
As soon as you are signed up and in our system. Just call our toll-free number for any problem you have with your disabled vehicle or for questions on any benefits that are covered in your specific MCA plan.

How do I know when a tow truck is coming?
The dispatch team will be in contact with you through the entire process. Just describe your situation and your location, and we’ll be there to help.

Do you cover motorcycles?
Yes, we’ll cover any of your vehicles including your cars, RV, motorcycle, boat, livestock trailer, even your dually pickup.

Do you cover horse trailers?
Yes, we have a plan that covers trailers and horse trailers.

What happens if I need assistance after normal business hours or in the middle of the night?
No worries! Motor Club of America roadside assistance and emergency services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We even offer sign & go service to get you in and out promptly. Or if you’d prefer a specific service provider, you can call them and receive up to $100 in reimbursement for dispatched services.

How many times can I use my service?
The use of of your service is unlimited.

Can you help me if I’m hospitalized due to an accident?
Yes, we can. As an MCA member, you’ll receive $150 per day up to 365 consecutive days for hospital room and board as the result of injuries sustained in a covered accident.

What if my car is disabled and I’m out of town?
Don’t worry, you can travel with absolute peace of mind. As an MCA member, your benefits include up to $500 travel assistance reimbursement on such things as car rental, meals, lodging or transportation expenses if your vehicle is disabled due to an accident.

If I purchase a membership, is my entire family covered?
Each membership covers the individual that signed up. So if you need coverage for your entire family, we suggest purchasing a membership for each one of them. Trust us when we say that you’ll be glad your entire family is covered.

Is it possible to upgrade at a later date?
Absolutely. You can test out any of our memberships and if you decide that you like what you have or want increased coverage, you can upgrade at any time.

What methods of payment does Motor Club of America accept?
Motor Club of America accepts all major credit cards and debit cards with a credit card logo. You can also have your monthly payment taken directly from your bank account by choosing the EFT bank option. We do not accept prepaid or loadable cards. If you do not have a credit/debit card or bank count, we recommend opening one online at or and funding it prior to making your purchase.

Can I cancel?
Yes. Anytime, no questions asked as there are no contracts.

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