Our Story


he history of MCA dates back to 1926, when three brothers had an idea and came together to develop a “motor club.” The three brothers were children of Russian immigrants. The brothers, William, Samuel and David Green were all born in Atlantic City, New Jersey. William began working as an accountant, then took charge in creating the motor club company. He was the middle brother. For over 50 years, William was the chairman of the motor club and oversaw the company operations.

In the 1920’s, cars became a very important and resourceful tool for the country, and drivers developed a need for motor clubs to provide assistance in towing, maps and emergency service and repairs.

History Of MCA Starts

The Green brothers started the likes of the MCA business in a one-room office in Newark, New Jersey. In 1933, The Automobile Association of New Jersey was incorporated, and had its own storefront location, as they moved from that one room office. The motor club began to grow, attracting new members outside of New Jersey. The company blossomed and developed 13 more companies from Maine to Florida, and even went west to Michigan and Ohio, and then south to Kentucky. In 1958, the company changed the name to Motor Club of America, and relocated the headquarters to Paramus, New Jersey.

Growth Of MCA

The Motor Club memberships kept increasing in growth and in the early years of the 1980’s, the business began to branch out to 29 additional states. These out of state branches were stimulated by a unique program with AVCO Financial Services, Inc.

The three Green brothers sold their entire wealth of businesses to Trac, Inc. in December, 1986. Trac, Inc., based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, owned and operated the Thrifty-Rent-A-Car System, Inc. Part of this deal allowed the Trac Company to be rewarded five of the eight seats of the MCA panel board. The management of MCA changed hands, but the Green brothers remained, as directors and officers of the company.

The Motor Club of America Enterprises, Inc. became one of a very few qualified motor clubs to conduct business in every state along with Canada, by 1992. Also, MCA still continues to be the qualified issuers of related arrest bond certificates for drivers in every state.

The Changing of The Guard

Trac, Inc. sold Motor Club of America Enterprises, Inc. to JVL Holding Properties in 1996, wholly owned by Virgil W Coffee. Mr. Coffee is the co-founder of the National Association of Travel Organizations (NATO) and, he is a veteran in the motor club industry.

JVL Holding Properties, at the time of the purchase of MCA, already owned two companies, TVC Pro-Driver and TVC Marketing Associates, Inc (founded in 1987). Before the purchase of MCA, JVL Holding established and developed the Auto Help Line of America, Inc., Auto Club of America, Corp. and the Small Business Club of America, Inc.

Long time president of Motor Club of America, David K. Kircher (since 1970), who is also the MIS Director, and Chief Operations Officer of TVC Marketing Associates, Inc (since 1996), is a co-owner of MCA.

JVL Holding, Inc. changed its name to TVC Holding, Inc., in 2010. That same year on Friday, September 10th, a U. S. federal trademark registration was filed & granted (serial #85126954) for Motor Club of America, by TVC Holding, Inc.

Along the way, Mr. Virgil Coffee was the mastermind behind the successful marketing and compensation plan of the original Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. His genius took them (renamed, Legal Shield) from 1.6 million, in sales, to over 47 million, in a short period of time.


n October of 2011, Motor Club of America Enterprises, Inc. was upgraded to offer and provide membership packages along with added benefits & services, to the general public, at large. A detailed set of packages were designed and created on 3 levels, known as Security Memberships. These memberships (MCA Security, MCA Security Plus and the flagship membership, MCA Total Security) offered an outstanding and added number of features and benefits available to the residents of the United States & Canada.

In September 2012, the Total Security Gold and Total Security Platinum Plans were added to Motor Club of America. These plans add extra features to the original plans along with added attorney and medical benefits, and discounts at over 6,000 auto repair and service centers nationwide.

Taking MCA To Market

Motor Club of America is marketed through TVC Marketing Associates, Incorporated, a vast portfolio of products and services. Membership has its rewards. Along with many thousands of dollars of benefits and services, members are eligible to refer new members, and earn commissions, share in the profits, build a business, grow and prosper with us, OR just sit back and be a valued member.

If you would like to know more about TVC’s marketing strategy, check out our Careers page.

MCA Today

From 1926 to now, the Motor Club of America continues to grow and evolve in a quest to be the best, of the best.

At TVC Marketing Associates, Inc., the future has never looked brighter for our members, employees and associates. We are a solid company, built on a solid foundation. The world is revolving. Are you STILL standing in the same spot???